Younpreneurs project

Younpreneurs project is a proactive response to the specific priority of promoting active citizenship, youth initiative and entrepreneurship, including the vital area of social entrepreneurship within the European Union. With a focus on young women aged 20-29, our project aims to promote learning and career prospects through the lens of professional involvement, employability and entrepreneurial growth.



Define transversal learning outcomes and pedagogical approach related to young woman for the creation of the learning material responded to the needsĀ 


Increase learning opportunities for young women and upskill trainers with training materials focusing on focusing on personal brand and digital marketing, intercultural management and leadership skills


Enhance employment opportunities and integration on the labour market for young women


Introduce the developed learning resources to the target group and raising awareness to organisations/companies to untap this largest group of people in terms of integration and inclusion. These are going to produce the following concrete results

Work Packages