WeFigure specializes in real estate and film accounting. You can choose if you want us to handle the entire finance function, or just parts of it.  

Accounting services

We make sure that both the company and the owners behind it, get the best possible service from us. Our knowledge lies in accounting, financial statements, payroll administration, tax returns, cash flow analysis, annual reports, year-end reports and company formations. All company forms are welcome to us.  

Real estate economics

If you are in the real estate industry, you know that there are many laws and regulations to keep track of. Not least when it comes to accounting for assets, work in progress, sales and VAT in the construction and real estate area. Get help from us and you will get a knowledgeable real estate economist who handles the accounting, annual accounts and the consolidated accounts if necessary.  

Start Aktiebolag

We prepare all essential papers for the Swedish Companies Registration Office and the Swedish Tax Agency. You will receive your new limited company within 1-4 weeks, depending on the Swedish Companies Registration Office's processing times.  

Film Economics

Managing the accounting for a film production is not something you can compare with ordinary accounting work at an accounting firm. Unique knowledge, experience and good routines are required to manage the film finance work. That knowledge and experience is with us at WeFigure. We have staff with experience from financial work in several different productions. We help keep track of the film budget and are used to project reporting, which is usually part of a film production's accounting work. We work both with the entire production company's accounting and only for individual film productions.