The world needs courageous organizations that create new, better and more sustainable solutions. We help to streamline and systematize the innovation work, and ensure more and better solutions that lead to actual change.

Our team has extensive experience, broad theoretical knowledge and is driven by a strong commitment to society. We are passionate about creativity and innovation because we see that if we are to achieve the sustainability goals, we need new solutions, and we need them quickly. We work in Stockholm, on Blåbærneset or in Kampala - with municipalities, humanitarian organizations or companies. Good solutions can be developed everywhere, and we find the best solutions when we work together and build on each other's strengths. Effective innovation requires good innovation processes and innovative organizations. We embrace the whole and the complexity at the same time as we simplify and make it accessible. This means that competence can be built in the organizations we work with, with those who develop and execute. Only then can we ensure long-term positive change.