Stockholm Food Movement

Through the support of Impact Hub Stockholm, we arrange a monthly event where we showcase a handful of activists and entrepreneurs making positive change within all things related to food. The events of Stockholm Food Movement strive to be different by creating event series that build on themselves, strengthen and bring together communities, empower the audience to be an active part of shaping the event series. Stockholm Food Movement provides the opportunity for entrepreneurs to slow down and build a movement rather than enter the mad dash to be first, to be best. By mapping out and inviting local food actors to come and participate and speak, we hope to foster a space for informed perspectives and deeper discussions around food. The mission for Stockholm Food Movement is to create community engagement, a collaborative start-up ecosystem and a local food renaissance. Together we’re working towards building the next generation of leaders in the food industry. Through collaborative learning, global inspiration and localised action, we aim to make a positive impact towards reaching a more sustainable food system. The cornerstones of our vision is based on four areas of purpose:

  1. Fair, resourceful and innovative food systems
  2. Healthy, nutrient-rich and biodiverse local environments
  3. Welcoming, resilient communities which embraces diversity
  4. Attractive rural livelihoods and food production occupation