Economic and social inequality makes dreaming difficult. In many areas of Stockholm as many as 40% of students leave 9th grade without grades to get to gymnasium / high school. At the same time many high tech companies like Ericsson and IBM lacked skilled staff. Unfortunately students are not motivated to go out and get those jobs, nobody told them about their opportunities or made them feel welcome to the working life.   Teenagers all over the world need adult role models who can inspire. They need to find out about their opportunities and alternative ways to their dream. We can reduce youth unemployment and provide corporations with skilled labor. We can make teenagers believe in themselves and become entrepreneurs. We can reduce economic and social inequality in many countries and cities if we make teenagers dreams possible!   Volunteering employees together with university students inspire teenagers to find their dream and to be motivated in school to get there. We focus on areas where children lack adult role models with qualified jobs. Many volunteers come from less affluent suburbs themselves. Our volunteers attend classes in 8-9th grade and high school. As class coaches they come to inspire students 2 times per semester. In class we use our own methodology called DreamMap. Students visualize their future and picture the road with different alternatives to get there. They then set short term goals to take the first steps towards their dream. We build a network of employers who can come to class as external speakers or arrange study visits to inspire students.