Project description

The Reintegrate Wellbeing project aims to support employees who are victims of burnout and often in long-term unemployment to reintegrate into the job market, by showing them how to refind motivation and self – confidence.

Main objectives

The main objectives of the project are following:

increasing the understanding of organisations and individuals of the importance of wellness at work

strengthening the soft skills of individuals who have experienced job burnout and are long-term unemployed

providing knowledge and tools to organisations so that they can take measures to prevent and combat employee burnout

provide guidance to individuals in finding new employment under less stressful working conditions


The project is addressed in the first place to economically active individuals who have experienced burnout and remain unemployed because of it (with focus on long term unemployed) and to businesses/employers which are interested in securing sustainable wellness for their employees. The second target groups are career consultants, staff from job centres, HR staff, local authorities, training organisations focusing on mentoring, coaching, career guidance and adult education.

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