Combining decades of conservation expertise with entrepreneurial action to accelerate environmental innovation.


One dump truck full of plastic waste enters our ocean every minute. By 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean. Innovative startups are already getting involved to clean up our oceans for a more sustainable world. Impact Hub and WWF joined forces on a global scale to find innovative ideas that address ocean pollution, giving startups around the world the chance to learn from our combined experience to make long-lasting impact.


First, we needed to have a better sense of the kind of solutions within the wider community. Followed by action, for example, providing ventures with best practices from Impact Hub’s entrepreneurial communities around the globe, WWF projects, joint programs, support offers, among other things to inspire and enable innovation to move forward in the real world.


Impact Hub’s partnership with WWF builds on 8 years of successful collaboration and entered a new phase with this project. Our ambition is to expand our collaboration to many where Impact Hubs operate, working together on a deep strategic level to tackle the world’s most pressing environmental challenges.


Many of Impact Hub’s members and partners address themes like climate, energy, food, water, and oceans, some of WWF’s key areas of focus. This partnership aims to bring together innovators from our two networks, identify high potential solutions and provide these with access to WWF’s deep expertise in nature conservation as well as credibility and support in scaling and access to finance.


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WWF and Impact Hub join forces for the planet