What is the Impact Hub Network?

Impact Hub is a global community of social entrepreneurs who are transforming business with responsibility at the forefront. As a growing global network with over 100 workspaces and business networks around the world, we provide coworking spaces, incubation and acceleration support, global connectivity, and networking activities. With a focus on social good, Impact Hub offers you a globally connected ecosystem of resources, inspiration, and collaboration opportunities to grow the positive impact of your work.

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How can I access the Global Network?

With dozens of Impact Hubs connected through our online network, you can now login to our Community App to meet leading entrepreneurs and changemakers from around the world without even leaving home. Take advantage of our global community and reach out to find new business opportunities, partners and collaborators to help you to grow your business and your positive impact.

On our platform, you’ll find groups dedicated to sharing funding opportunities for purpose-driven companies, startup competitions, best practices and advice for all sorts of business challenges, as well as groups for every Sustainable Development Goal. If you need help finding someone with specific expertise, our global teams are available on the platform as well, and will be able to help you connect with their local networks directly.

Why should I become a Member?

Becoming a Member gives you access to unlimited Day Passes and extras like our Digital Mailbox Service – so you can have your company post sent directly to our office and scanned to you immediately on arrival. You also get a bonus 25% discount on all bookings from conference rooms to event space, and invitations to our Members-only networking events. If you’re looking to expand your network or scale internationally, you’ll also benefit from our Community App – our digital platform that connects you with the thousands of inspiring changemakers in our global network.

How does the subscription work?

Our packages are based on a subscription model. You can sign up and begin coworking right away. If we don’t hear from you, your subscription continues into the next period. You can choose from an affordable 12-month subscription or an Extra-Flex package if you want to adjust your subscription from month to month. You can even log into your account and change your subscription on the go.

Can you explain how the Digital Mailbox Service works?

You can register Impact Hub Stockholm as your company address. When a letter arrives for you, we’ll scan it directly to you via email. If you’re expecting a delivery, we’ll sign for it and send you a notification that it’s arrived.

What is included in a Day Pass?

A Day Pass costs 250 SEK per day and gives you full access to our brand new coworking office during weekdays (with the exception of public holidays) from 8am to 5pm. You get access to our high-speed internet, upscale coffee and tea from Johan & Nyström, as well as organic fruit which you can find at our coffee bar at no extra cost. The best part? Having the opportunity to network with the inspiring changemakers in our community, so you can expand your network and find new collaborators to maximize your impact.

What does 24/7 Access mean?

If you choose a coworking package with 24/7 Access included, we’ll give you a digital key so you can access the office at any time of day or night. It comes in handy if you work better in the mornings or later in the evenings, or even on the weekends. 24/7 Access is also an option add-on for coworking packages where it is not included but you’d like to have it anyway.

What is Cloud Based Printing?

We’ve connected our printer via the cloud so you can open a browser window on any device and send your document directly to the printer. You can even print from the office printer from home!

What is a Global Passport?

All of our coworking packages come with a Global Passport which means you can visit any Impact Hub location in the world and cowork for free. As long as you have a coworking package with us, you can work from every workspace in our network for 3 full days completely free every year.

How can I work from other Impact Hub locations?

Simply log into the Community App to register your visit to another Impact Hub ahead of time. Impact Hub is a cooperatively owned network while each workspace operates independently so any additional discounts and member offers may vary. If you’re planning to work from another location for more than 3 days, please check with the local Impact Hub to find out what they can offer.