What is included in a Coworking Day Pass?

When you buy a Coworking Day Pass (330 SEK excluding VAT), you get access to our workspace for changemakers for one day. From 9am to 5pm, you have full access to our high-speed internet, ethically produced coffee and tea, as well as organic fruit which you can find at our coffee bar at no extra cost. The best part? Having the opportunity to network with the inspiring changemakers in our community, so you can expand your network and find new collaborators to maximize your impact.

Do I have to book before going to the office?

Yes, to ensure that everyone has the best experience, please book your Coworking Day Pass at least one day beforehand. If you sign up for a Coworking Plan, you will have access to the workspace at all times.

Can I register guests for my workspace?

We offer you the option to bring your friends and colleagues to our shared workspace. If you would like to have a guest work with you for the day, you are welcome to book Guest Coworking Access in your account.

Can I book workspace on the weekend?

At this time, we only allow access to workspaces from Monday to Friday, during business hours. Coworkers with 24/7 Access can access the coworking space at all times, including weekends and public holidays as well as book meeting rooms during evenings and weekends.

How can I access the workspace that I reserved?

Your digital key to the space will be activated once you book your Coworking Day Pass. Be sure to check your email for step-by-step instructions on how to activate your digital key.

What are the benefits of becoming a Member?

Becoming a Community Member gives you access to book Coworking Day Passes and Meeting Rooms whenever you like, as well as add on extras like Coworking, Virtual Office and even special off-peak coworking. As a Community Member, you also get a bonus 25% discount on all bookings from conference rooms to event space, and invitations to our Member networking events. If you’re looking to expand your network or scale internationally, you’ll also benefit from our Community Platform that connects you with the thousands of inspiring entrepreneurs in our global network.

How do coworking plans work?

You can sign up and begin coworking right away. If we don’t hear from you, your coworking plan keeps on going. You can choose from Coworking (if you would like access at any time) or Off-Peak Coworking (if you have a full-time job elsewhere and need a place to work on your special projects after hours). You can change your plan when you login to My Account, or contact our team with your request before closing on the last day of the month.

Does everyone get access to the office?

If you choose a coworking plan, we’ll give you a digital key so you can access the office at any time of day or night. It comes in handy if you work better in the mornings or later in the evenings, or even on the weekends. Access to the workspace is only provided to Community Members when you book your Coworking Day Pass.

How does the Digital Mailbox Service work?

You can register c/o Impact Hub Stockholm as your company address. When a letter arrives for you, we’ll scan it directly to you via email. If you’re expecting a delivery, we’ll sign for it and send you a notification that it’s arrived.

What is the Impact Hub Network?

Impact Hub is a global community of social entrepreneurs who are transforming business with responsibility at the forefront. As a growing global network with over 100 workspaces and business networks around the world, we provide coworking spaces, incubation and acceleration support, global connectivity, and networking activities. With a focus on social good, Impact Hub offers you a globally connected ecosystem of resources, inspiration, and collaboration opportunities to grow the positive impact of your work.

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Can I work from Impact Hub's 100+ coworking spaces around the world?

All of our coworking packages come with a Global Passport which means you can visit any Impact Hub location in the world and cowork for free. As long as you have a coworking package with us, you can work from every workspace in our network for 3 full days completely free every year.

How do I register my visit to another Impact Hub location?

Simply log into the Community Platform to register your visit to another Impact Hub ahead of time. Impact Hub is a cooperatively owned network while each workspace operates independently so any additional discounts and member offers may vary. If you’re planning to work from another location for more than 3 days, please check with the local Impact Hub to find out what they can offer.