If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, join Impact Hub.

There are clear benefits to joining a network of thousands of award-winning social  entrepreneurs and changemakers who have the experience of building organisations and companies for positive impact. The future is changing. And it starts with us.


Through our connected communities around the world; you can grow your network globally, reach out to different markets, find new partners or experts, and learn best practices from our members around the world. We also share opportunities and awards, and global events so you can continue your professional development.


Our members tell us that it’s incredibly motivating to work and surround yourself with positive and action-oriented people. If you’re looking for advice or new opportunities, we’ll offer our insights and help you to make personal connections with the people we know. Of course, the benefits of joining Impact Hub Stockholm don’t end here. We’ve teamed up with companies who support our mission to provide extra support for the changemakers in our network to accelerate your efforts. You can see some of them below.

amazon web services

HubSpot offers a growth stack of products for customer relationship management, marketing, and sales. Align your sales and marketing with ease, grow your traffic and convert more visitors into customers, and close more leads with less work. Get HubSpot’s Marketing and Sales software at a 90% scholarship for the first year and 50% for the second year.

Nominated in the White Guide as one of Sweden’s most innovative hotels, Hotel With is a super moden lean luxury hotel below ground. Equipped with state of the art air systems and powerful sound and media, it’s located downstairs from Sveavägen 44’s iconic rooftop park. You and your colleagues can book with 15% off hotel reservations just a few blocks from our office.

Synch offers free access to their digital platform WeSynch Contract for one year. Access over 60 documents and find templates for NDAs, privacy policies, consultancy agreements, employment agreements and much more. You’ll also find a FAQ explaining legal terms and a bunch of useful checklists on what to consider when you want to raise capital or issue employee share options for example.

Looking for the world’s simplest website tools for a professional website? Welcome to Heymo. It is easy to create a professional and responsive website, with or without prior knowledge. With smart features, you work with drag and drop technology to create your website. Create a cool and vibrant website using simple features. Impact Hub members get 30% off a one-year subscription.

Swagg works with the market’s best suppliers to provide profile products in all price ranges. Search directly for their environmentally-friendly product range. Swagg offers screen printing / transfer, embroidery, tampo print / roll screen, digital printing, and customised merchandise profiling. Through Swagg, you’ll be able to order at Sweden’s best prices with an additional 10% discount on large orders.

FokusNorr specialises in video production for company promotions, events, and weddings. The company has produced videos for Amadeus, Vattenfall, Nordea, Stockholm Startup Weekend, Sweden FoodTech, TedxStockholm, and more. Thanks to our collaboration, you can order a 3-minute promotional video for an unbeatable package price.

With DPOrganizer’s privacy management software you’ll be able to map, visualize, report and manage your processing of personal data. You can create reports in minutes at the push of a button, improving customer relationships and building trust. The DPOrganizer software is powerful, yet light and easy to use. The Success Team is always readily available, as are trainings, support and webinars. Get up to 50% off as a member of Impact Hub Stockholm.

Do you need to send a laptop to Södermalm? An agreement to New York? Nothing is impossible. The easiest way to get something from A to B is to use Ryska Posten whether it’s by bike courier or hybrid car. The service includes fuel surcharge, freight documents, wrapping materials, packaging and tracking. Order through Impact Hub Stockholm to get 30 – 50% off courier services.

MethodKit tools are designed to help you develop ideas, get an overview and work together in meetings & workshops. Kits provide frameworks or libraries for planning, brainstorming, development and evaluation of projects. You can find MethodKits for startups, marketing & PR, app development, sustainable development, gender equality, human needs, business models, future skills, global challenges and more. Impact Hub members can purchase kits with 10% off.

Get 10 donated subscriptions of the world’s #1 Cloud Engagement Application. All eligible organizations receive 10 subscriptions of Lightning Enterprise Edition at no cost through the Power of Us program.

Shopify is the leading e-commerce platform with everything you need to sell online. Get $10/month off for three months when you sign up for a paid plan and amplify your growth.

Zoom is a leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars across mobile devices, desktops, telephones, and room systems. All Impact Hub members can register for any product with a 15% discount.

Amazon Web Services provides startups with a low cost, easy to use infrastructure needed to scale and grow. With the AWS Activate program, startups get access to the resources they need to quickly get started on AWS – including credits, training, and support. Impact Hub members can apply for 500 USD in credits.

Impact Hub members get 10% off any Switcher Studio plan. Switcher lets you reach your audience in real time through live video. Edit while you stream – bring in text, slides, graphics, prerecorded video, even guests! And because Switcher runs on iPhones and iPads, you can get started right away.

Bolageriet is the most highly recommended web-based finance and accounting service in Stockholm. Focus on what you do best and Bolageriet handles everything else from invoicing to completed tax returns and annual accounts. Impact Hub members get 10% off any SME plan.