Impact Hub Stockholm has established a new board of directors
9 July 2021 - Cathy Xiao Chen
During 2020 Impact Hub Stockholm established a new board of directors. This move has been made to address two needs in the development of the company.
The first is to add a strategic level to the governance in order to better address the long term issues of the company. These include strategic foresight into areas such as purpose, culture, expansion, financing, offerings, markets, and the governance itself. The intention is to move the company towards a stewardship model where stakeholders are given a more balanced influence in the development of the company. One of the key effects is that the purpose of the company is guarded by a structure that can withstand pressure from financial interests.
The second reason of establishing the board is to bring a relevant mix of experience and competence to the company in relation to its purpose and direction. The board is in service of the Impact Hub purpose and vision, locally and globally.
Currently the company is revitalising its presence in Stockholm through a strategic collaboration with Skandia Fastigheter and EFG, European Furniture Group. The Impact Hub at Jakobsbergsgatan 22 is unbeatable in many ways. Amazing location, top class interior and a member offering that focuses on innovation at the intersection of public, private and NGO sectors. A hybrid “Fourth Sector” that addresses societal challenges and the UN SDG’s. In the next phase, the company is aiming for expansion within Sweden, in partnership with municipalities, property developers and local entrepreneurs.

Board members:

Jan de Man Lapidoth, Founder & Senior Consultant at Knowhouse
Karin Björkén, Founder, Consultant & Coach at MindTheOrg, Venture Partner at Antler, Director of the Board at Forza Football and Tech Investor
Philip Wrede, Investment Manager at Gullspång Invest, Board Member at Medpeople, Collabodoc & Färsking
Catarina Wigén, Senior Advisor at Springtime-Intellecta
Jesper Kjellerås, CEO and Founder of Impact Hub Stockholm