Impact Hub Presents: Redefining the Future of Cities
7 August 2020 - Gabriela Rodriguez

Impact Hub presents ​Redefining the Future of Cities (RFC)​, an online conference series, August to November 2020, that will put the spotlight on cross-city collaborations for sustainable cities and communities.

The initiative is a partnership among seven Impact Hubs, located in Sweden, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico, with the purpose of elevating forward-thinking conversations with experts across industries and nations, to show the world how socially responsible companies are addressing Sustainable Development Goal 11.

This conference series will consist of one session, every two weeks – starting on August 17th. Panels will feature experts from two cities to highlight learnings and best practices from each country. Themes will include urban design, mobility, vulnerable communities, access to green spaces, as well as inclusive human settlements and public policies, among others.

Can we reimagine a future with more justice and equity?
How will the new reality redefine the process for a more sustainable future?

Cities are in the frontline of both climate impact and the transition to a sustainable future for all. Currently, 50% of the global population lives in cities. By 2050, that number is expected to increase to 70%. Although cities only cover 3% of the Earth’s surface, they are responsible for almost 70% of global emissions.

What Covid-19 has made clear is that all human systems on the planet are interconnected. So it is imperative that we work together, to collaborate across borders without losing the local contextualization. It is not possible to achieve sustainable development without radically transforming the way we build and operate urban spaces.

So join us. And be part of not only the conversation but the change.


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  • August 17th – “Designing Cities of the Future for Mobility“, by Impact Hub Mexico City with Medellín
  • September 2nd – “Waste Management: How Can We Reduce the Environmental Impact of Cities“, by Impact Hub Curitiba with Brasilia
  • September 15th – “Creating ​Access to Safe and Inclusive Public Spaces​”, by Impact Hub Stockholm with Bogota
  • September 30th – “Improving Settlement Planning for Inclusive and Sustainable Urbanization“, by Impact Hub Monterrey with Stockholm
  • October 14th – “​Decarbonizing Mobility: Electric Mobility Solutions from Medellín and Monterrey City​“, by Impact Hub Medellín with Monterrey
  • October 28th – “Upgrading Slums to Affordable Housing” by Impact Hub Bogotá with Mexico City
  • November 11th – “Creating Sustainable Alliances Between Urban, Peri-Urban and Rural Areas” by Impact Hub Brasilia with Curitiba

About RFC

Redefining Cities of the Future is an initiative of Impact Hub Stockholm in collaboration with Impact Hub Mexico City, Impact Hub Monterrey, Impact Hub Medellin, Impact Hub Bogota, Impact Hub Brasilia, and Impact Hub Curitiba.

RFC is inspired by ‘Urban Challenges’, a transnational initiative by the Swedish Institute in collaboration with Impact Hub Stockholm, that through cross-sectorial collaboration, has the purpose to create six social innovation projects in Latin America and Sweden.

About Impact Hub

Impact Hub is a global network of over 100 locations with 16,500+ creative and committed members from all over the world. The network has created a global ecosystem of people, places, and programs that inspire, connect, and catalyze impact. Part innovation lab, business incubator, and community-centered around entrepreneurship, it offers its members a unique ecosystem of resources, inspiration, and collaboration opportunities.

The goal is to inspire and empower different stakeholders within the social innovation ecosystem to realize and support enterprising ideas for sustainable impact.