Feminising the ICT sector by supporting and encouraging more women to take up ICT-related careers

FEMIN-ICT is a 2 year project with the purpose to support and promote the uptake of careers in the ICT sector by women either as employees or entrepreneurs

FEMIN-ICT seeks to adapt VET to the needs of the labour market by offering a mix of vocational skills, creating thus work-based learning opportunities to its target groups.



1) Promotion of women in the ICT sector

Enhancing their access and employability and decreasing the recorded dropout rates.

2) Promotion of gender equality

Providing the essential tools needed to foster the equal participation, representation, and treatment of women in ICT.

3) Support and empowerment of women

Providing tools and direct support and motivation to women to pursue a career in the ICT economy.

4) Support existing ICT businesses

Helping ICT policy makers to build and renovate existing policies and make them more inclusive and equal for women.

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