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The main goal of the FEMIN-ICT project is to support and promote the uptake of careers in the ICT sector by women either as employees or entrepreneurs.
This is your chance to immerse yourself in a world of opportunities, the transformative power of our training programs, connect with remarkable women in ICT, emerging tech visionaries, and influential industry leaders.
Our audience includes women in ICT, tech enthusiasts, ICT businesses, incubators, and forward-thinking business owners.

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Are you an individual or institution that wants to become allies and partners of FEMIN-ICT event series? Get in touch and we’ll connect on how to join our mission to empower and inspire more women to be part of the ICT sector.

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Mark your calendar for these enriching experiences. More detailed agenda is coming soon!


November 13th, 8:45 AM to 12 PM | In-person | Conference: Building a gender inclusive ICT sector in Sweden.

We’ll present Femin-ICT and the discoveries, tools and changes we propose, followed by a Panel where we’ll explore the situation of Women in ICT in Sweden.


  • Speakers:
    • Gabriela Rodriguez – CEO Impact Hub Stockholm
    • Pernilla Alexandersson – CEO and Founder Add Gender AB 
    • Moa Persdotter, gender mainstreaming and diversity on R&I, Vinnova 
    • Natalia Farfan Santos, Head of Diversity & Inclusion Programs at Ericsson
    • Elin Svedin, Head of web, App Shack.

If you’re in the Stockholm area, don’t miss this opportunity to meet and network with key players in Stockholm’s thriving ICT ecosystem. 


November 14th, 9:30 AM to 12 PM | In-person | Open House: Connect&Network with other Women in ICT.

For ICT Employers, entrepreneurs part of an incubator or accelerator management team and Women in ICT community, join us for an open house event with exciting workshops and activities to connect with fellow women in ICT.

  • Workshop: “Wing-Person 101: Mastering the Art of Professional Matchmaking”
    In this one-hour workshop, Shaena, your trusted “Professional Wing Woman,” will impart her expertise on becoming a proficient Wing Person in the professional realm. Aiming to transform attendees into each other’s advocates, this session is dedicated to turning introductions into gateways for opportunity and engaging narratives, using proven strategies and the power of human connection.

    Facilitator: Shaena Harrison

    Shaena, your go-to “Professional Wing Woman,” weaves powerful connections between ideas and individuals, drawing from her experiences with iconic events like TEDx and roles at places like LinkedIn and Singularity University. She harnessed her superpower launching Tjena (pronounced Shaena), where she champions “Human Connection as a Service” – a fresh B2B spin, melding event matchmaking with the playful “have you met TED” strategy. She also has her “Six Degrees from an Awesome Job” newsletter, where she spotlights the true worth of job-seekers, and in the vast networking arena, Shaena’s your guide, turning each introduction into interesting stories and opportunities.


Panel: Leveraging Your ICT Expertise for Career Transformation



  • Lindsay Hedenskog, CEO and Founder of LAMB
    Lindsay is an entrepreneur, speaker, content creator and former journalist for The Associated Press. She is the CEO and founder of LAMB, the “future of work” lab in Stockholm that pioneered a more sustainable way of working using design, behavioural science and education. Now she consults with companies looking to adopt LAMB’s unique framework for human sustainability in their work environments – and empower their employees to perform and feel their best.

Share experiences, ideas, and build valuable relationships.


November 15th | Online EU Webinar | Empowering Program for Women in ICT.

Dive into our EU webinar where we will present the ICT situation in all our European partner countries, and you will have the opportunity to discuss the topics we worked on regionally on a broad spectrum of expertise, including entrepreneurship and business mentoring, employment, migration and mobility, women’s empowerment, equal opportunities, and gender issues.

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