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Webinar Cemex-Tec Award: Win up to $25k for your impact project

Jun 8th
18:30 - 19:30

Founded in 2011, the CEMEX-Tec Award is given on an annual basis to honor individuals and organizations that develop superior high-impact proposals and implement progressive projects in sustainable development, innovation and social entrepreneurship, and which foster economic development, social involvement of communities and the preservation of natural resources.

This webinar is an opportunity for prospective applicants to learn more about the Award, receive tips to help with awards and grants applications in general, and ask any questions to the Award team.

More information about the agenda will follow.



The call will be open until June 30th with 4 global categories:

TRANSFORMING COMMUNITIES: Open to undergraduate and graduate students from any country, with proposals for sustainable improvements of communities.

Top 1 Finalist: 5-day workshop led by MakeSense. US$25,000 for the implementation of the proposal.

SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS: Open to entrepreneurs with initiatives with social impact in any country, that have at least one year of implementation and generate a systemic change.

Top 10 International Finalists: intensive 5-day workshop, led by Ashoka. Top 3 finalists: US$10,000 seed capital each.

COMMUNITY ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Open to community entrepreneurs, community organizations, cooperatives or civil associations from any country, with at least 1 year of implementation.

Top 10 International Finalists: 5-day bootcamp experience, led by Unreasonable Mexico. Top 3 Finalists: US $10,000 seed capital each.

COLLABORATIVE ACTION: Open to organizations that work through multisectoral alliances, involving at least 3 sectors of the society, and at least one year of implementation.

Top 3 Finalists International: 2-day workshop led by MakeSense.

To learn more: http://bit.ly/Cemexaward2020

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