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To Change The World – Start With A Story

Jun 3rd
18:00 - 20:00
Jakobsbergsgatan 22

Based on David JP Phillips’ hugely popular TEDx talk ”The magical science of storytelling”, we will take you on several journeys to make you feel the power and the progression of strategic storytelling. The seminar will give you insights to the power of storytelling, practical and simple techniques on how to enhance your stories and most amazing of all, how specific stories change our biochemistry.

Our brain is created, or rather completely optimized, for storytelling. With new studies literally pouring down around the topic we are now able to pinpoint, at a neurological, psychological and biological level, exactly why storytelling is so powerful and how to use it effectively to persuade, either with the purpose of selling, convincing or teaching someone something.

In this seminar, you will experience the effects of good storytelling, but most importantly, you will gain a deeper understanding of why and how storytelling works. We will introduce several practical techniques and tools, in order for you to be able to deliver a story that sells, is convincing and creates memories within the listener’s brain. The session is practical, useful and entertaining.

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