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Tech-for-good startups: how to find Product/Market fit?

Jul 8th
12:00 - 13:30
Learn how Sustainable Development Goals startups overcome challenges when developing a solution!

Prior to the coronavirus crisis, the world had already been facing serious challenges regarding the well-being of the planet, the ecosystem, and humanity. While government-led models can help us gradually make progress towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), startups have their role to play.

For this inspiring talk, we will bring together three innovative Japan-based startups that are addressing today’s social and environmental challenges through groundbreaking ideas. They will share their stories about challenges they encountered when developing a solution and adjusting it to the market needs.

Join us on July 8th to learn how their idea to create a better future has evolved into the real product!


  • Robin Lewis, co-founder of mimizu (Tokyo). mymizu is a co-creative platform with a mission to tackle single-use plastic consumption, starting with the reduction of single-use PET bottles. Along with the development of Japan’s first free water refill app, mymizu also helps people live more sustainable lives – one step at a time – through workshops, consultancy services, educational activities, an online store and cross-sector collaborations.
  • Anna Kreshchenko, co-founder of Umenoki (Kyoto). Umenoki is a prenatal care startup that develops the U+Me Pregnancy that supports and guides pregnant women through the interaction with a little baby character in the app. Umenoki team aspires to extend its services to developing countries in Africa and South-East Asia to promote health and well-being for all as a part of SDGs3, and to contribute to the reduction in maternal mortality rate.
  • Lars Larsson, founder of Dreamly (Kagawa). Dreamly is developing a healthcare solution that helps medical institutions to help more people with less burden on staff and higher security by eliminating waiting time in the hospitals, connecting medical institutions with pharmacies and more.


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