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Rethinking Sales for Startups

May 6th
10:00 - 11:00

Great ideas don’t usually just fly on their own. You need to go out there and make the magic happen – become a missionary, an evangelist, a protagonist so that people see the same vision that you see. And when the market gets tough and a crisis hits, how do you rethink your sales strategy?

Welcome to our entrepreneurs meetup. Coompanion Stockholm and Vimentis start the session by discussing how they are helping businesses and then share tips on how to sell as an entrepreneur, startup, or cooperative. In this session you will work in groups online on a simple sales task and then give a 2 minutes sales pitch to the audience.

Book your spot, join Zoom meeting and get more information at: https://magnetevent.se/Event/rethinking-sales-for-startups-with-coompanion-stockholm–vimentis-37639/.

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