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Making Public Transport Safe for All

Feb 10th
16:30 - 17:30
Jakobsbergsgatan 22

Impact Hub Stockholm invites you to the conclusion of Urban Challenges Project, a three-year collaboration between the Swedish Institute, Impact Hub Stockholm, and Impact Hub’s Latin American Network, that had the purpose of creating safer public transportation with an emphasis on vulnerable groups.

For 2 years, the project’s goal was to develop solutions to societal issues through cross-border collaborations that spanned multiple industries. The societal issues addressed included: sexual abuse and harassment at bus stations and on bus lines, illegal public transportation, slow flow of travellers, increased levels of crime and high incidence of robberies, among others.

During the program, we established partnerships with 25+ institutions, involved 600+ members of civil society and facilitated the co-creation of 14 different approaches to address the complex issues relating to public transportation in Sweden, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico.


Join us on February 10 as we share the learnings and results of the Urban Challenges project spanning Sweden, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico. We will also be presenting a guide for creating positive impact through multilateral collaborations.


Is your corporate or government organisation seeking a partner to drive a change-making or CSR project? Contact us at Impact Hub Stockholm here: [email protected]

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