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Impact by Circular # 5: Business Model

Feb 23rd
17:00 - 18:00
Within our CTH Talk # 5 we talk about Business Models for Circular Economy cases. Therefore we have Peter Bartel from C-Eco as a guest!

For this event

Closing the loop as a business case

The Circular Economy enjoys increasing popularity on governmental, company and on consumer level. But circularity will only scale up when it proves a positive business case. It is a big challenge for many companies to find the right business model to be successful – economically as well as ecologically.

Join this event and learn how the Circular Economy Solutions GmbH (C-ECO) supports their customers in:

  • choosing the right business model
  • transforming their existing business to become circular
  • managing the entire circle, eg reverse logistic processes (physically and financially)

We are very pleased to welcome our speaker Peter Bartel, Director of Marketing and Engineering at C-ECO, who will share best practices but also hurdles of existing Circular Business Cases with us. Future trends and new Business Models driven by Information Technology will also be discussed.Please register here and participate for FREE, join us at the 23 February 2021.


About the Circular Transformation Hub

The Circular Transformation Hub (CTH) is an initiative that started at the Impact Hub Stuttgart and aims to drive the transformation towards a circular economy by enabling knowledge sharing through collaboration.

In September 2020 the CTH started an event series “Impact by circular” and is offering an online community to support professionals in product management, design and engineering in their efforts to create new solutions for a circular economy. Trainings and workshops are planned for 2021- contact us on [email protected] for more information.

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