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Final Event: Urban Challenges Flemingsberg

Nov 10th
16:30 - 19:30
Jakobsbergsgatan 22
Urban Challenges: Creating A Safer & Inclusive Flemingsberg

About this event

Impact Hub Stockholm cordially invites you to the conclusion of Urban Challenges Flemingsberg, a three-year collaboration between Impact Hub Stockholm, the Swedish Institute, and MTR Nordic to create safer public transportation with an emphasis on vulnerable groups.


Flemingsberg is a region that brings world-class research, international education, government institutions, and businesses together.

Today, about 25.000 people travel to and from Flemingsberg station, with this number expected to increase to over 100.000 by 2050. With increasing activity at and around the station, new questions and challenges emerge, ​with safety and inclusion being top priorities for key actors in Flemingsberg.

The agenda is carefully curated to highlight findings and learnings from the Flemingsberg case through discussion panels, inspirational keynotes as well as networking opportunities. The goal is to continue the conversation and inspire further action for social impact.


Join us as we discuss challenges, share solutions and best practices!




About Urban Challenges:

Urban Challenges is an international multi-stakeholder collaboration (2019-2021) where representatives from Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Sweden collaborate to create safer public transport with a focus on people in vulnerable situations: women, children, people with disabilities and the elderly.


Read more about the project here – https://si.se/en/events-projects/urban-challenges-making-public-transport-safe-for-all-2/

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