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Equality Lounge: Intrapreneurship and the future of work

Jul 3rd
15:00 - 16:30

The current global socio-economic reality has shifted. The solid ground beneath our feet is no longer stable and shifts every day. The assumption that water is supposed to stay at the edge of the beach and we should be safe to build sandcastles is no longer our reality. The truth is, this pandemic has swept us out to sea, and we will never go back to that safe, quiet little beach. Instead, the ocean is our new home and the old adage of swim or sink no longer enough. It is in that environment that businesses and people find themselves today. It would be a mistake to assume that the goal should be to swim back to shore. Instead, the ones that will thrive and evolve will be the ones who learn how to swim, surf and build a boat. The ability to build and add value is where the future seems to be. So naturally, the theme of intrapreneurship comes to mind.

Intrapreneurs essentially are entrepreneurs on the inside harnessing the assets of their incumbent institutions – brand, innovation, people, money – to deliver on sustainable, efficient, effective and competitive goals of the institutions that employ them. We believe women have a key role to play and wish to discuss intrapreneurship and the future of work.

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