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Designing a Racially Equitable Organization

Aug 19th - Aug 20th
23:30 - 0:30
As society reckons with the hard conversations about racial equity and justice that have been brought to the forefront by the killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and the Black Lives Matter movement, companies are grappling with how best to incorporate calls for action and lessons learned into their operations.

Many solutions have taken a high-level, top-down approach and can seem like a “quick fix”. Through this discussion, we highlight organizations that have designed missions and operations with principles of racial and economic justice at the forefront.

The conversation will showcase tangible, effective bottom-up practices to allow for a sustainable commitment to racial justice.

  • Karen Brown-Stovell, Executive Director at Forward Ever Sustainable Business Alliance, Co-founder Impact Hub New York Metropolitan Area
  • Kenneth Walker, Senior Vice President, Per Scholas
  • Mohammed Faisal, Co-Founder and CEO at The Money Hub, Co-founder Impact Hub New York Metropolitan Area


  • Chandani Punia, Innovation and Human Centered Design expert, and Impact Hub New York Metro Area Advisor

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