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AI and Machine Learning (feat. King & Nordea)

Jan 22nd
18:30 - 21:30
Jakobsbergsgatan 22

We hear a lot about machine learning models these days, but what does it mean for traditional and new businesses? What are the opportunities in terms of strategy, how do they actually deploy these technologies?

For our next event in Stockholm, we are glad to welcome 3 data scientists from King (Candy Crush Saga), Nordea and Dataiku to share their experience with us.
Whether you’re a confirmed data scientist or simply curious about it, join us at Impact Hub Stockholm to exchange views on real-life use cases!

Before the pizzas and drinks, here is an appetizer:


Talk #1 : Dataiku
« DIY: How to train and deploy your own real-time translation system »

Translating a text isn’t an easy task. A word-by-word approach would either damage its syntax, or miss part of its meaning. What tools are left to teach a model how to understand a sentence?


Talk #2 : Nordea
« Machine Learning for Capital Calculation »

Dr. Rakesh Rana is a Senior Data Scientist at Nordea. He’ll give us insight into Data Science for the insurance department of Nordea, Life & Pension. How can data science serve big firms within regulated industries, such as Financial Services?


Talk #3 : King
« Human-Like Playtesting with Deep Learning »

Alex Nodet is an AI Engineer for Candy Crush Saga. When designing levels for the game, it’s sometimes hard to assess their difficulty. Rather than playtesting the game manually, they’ve developed machine learning models to solve these puzzles.
How do you teach a bot to play like a human and put it into production? Join to learn more about it!


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