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From online workshops to professionally-captured digital productions, our studio is equipped to assist you with your next digital event, podcast, live stream and more.

We’re proud to join forces with Planet Media – a local live streaming company that puts sustainability first to help you bring your vision to life. Planet Media supports climate initiatives like Fridays For Future, Klimat Riksdagen and Doconomy. Together, we’re able to offer our location and Planet Media’s services bundled in a fantastic package deal that you won’t find anywhere else.

Book with us to receive full service. Our team will go through your vision with you and ensure that the smallest details are considered so you can focus on creating amazing content.

Podcast Studio

Podcasting has grown massively as a tool for content marketing and to quickly create visibility for solutions, ideas and opinions to the public or intended audience. For most people the investment in a professional podcasting studio or kit is not motivated unless podcasting is part of a long-term strategy.

At Impact Hub Stockholm we have 3 separate podcast and recording studio kits so you can maximise the efficiency of your voice recording needs.

Whether you need help with a recording your podcast for both pod platforms and Youtube, we have everything you need to succeed. We have solutions for all size needs from 1 to 16 guests at the same time. Our smallest podcast studio kits allow 1-4 simultaneous speakers and our biggest studio solution allows an entire rock band to perform.

To maximise outreach we can also help you to deploy your podcast recordings to the most popular platforms, create the marketing material for your podcast and even a web page to match your needs.

Add a video solution on top of that to hook the audience and maximise audience loyalty.

Voiceover Recordings

Any video production, whether it is a recorded Powerpoint presentation or a full training.

Use the versatility of a real studio to record voiceover for your corporate or training videos as well as your marketing material. We offer you the best sounding equipment and efficiency to get clean audio in your recordings.

Streaming Studio

We offer a turnkey solution for all of your live webcasting needs. You bring the content and your core message and we will support you to realise your idea into a dynamic broadcast for your audience.

Our streaming studio is equipped for versatility with the professionalism of a full TV studio – allowing you to go live in small intimate settings of 1-3 participants with a single camera angle for an hour long show, all the way to holding a full day event with a packed program including 20 guests, 2-3 programme hosts, 3 different studio environments and 5 camera angles, titles, overlays, advanced motion graphics and integration of remote guests in another location.

Stream everything to single destination or simultaneously to multiple platforms, including your website.

We help you with the crucial logistics around production planning, including programme logistics, as well as deployment.

Corporate Training Solutions

Stand out from the competition by adding another dimension to your remote corporate trainings. Add a studio component to give your employees the convenience of engaging from home while still being able to enjoy your professionalism in the room.

Offer your course participants an efficient training solution in order to maximise interactivity and participation during remote training, including all the traditional training tools, such as presentations, whiteboard examples, but also interactive break-outs and role play. As a trainer you are able to get the benefits of both the direct interaction with the course participants as well a time efficient solution. You have the option to keep a recording of the training for later reference.

We help you with both hosting an efficient remote training. This includes preparing the participants in advance to make their remote participation smoother, as well as providing direct assistance for all their technical needs.

Video Production

If you need to record your corporate training, events for later use our live-streaming studio doubles as video production studio. Instead of going live in a livestream webcast you are able to pre-record your presentation, event or appearance, event for later use with deployment onto your website or even as a pre-recorded livestream on your favourite streaming platform.

This means that you are able to record your training sessions and serve it to your audience later. See Corporate Training Solutions above for deployment solutions.

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We had more than 500 attendees from different parts of Sweden and ran a hybrid format event with several speakers joining us online and others in Impact Hub Stockholm’s studio facilities. The rehearsals were well planned and the team was super efficient throughout the event.

Naimul Abd, Coompanion Stockholm

I appreciated very much the highly specialized, but warm and welcoming atmosphere. Both the space and the people facilitate discussions that matter.

Natalia Ginghina, Edubuzz

Rodrigo is great at what he does. He is professional and very helpful. He made our digital meetings and presentations stand out towards our customers and everything was top notch.

Amanda Kälvehed, SAVO

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