Climate-Positive Coworking Space
5 January 2022 - Jesper Kjellerås

Impact Hub Stockholm’s coworking space is now climate-positive from 2020, and we compensate by offsetting 150% of our carbon emissions.

In line with the Paris Agreement – an international treaty signed by nearly every country in the world at COP21 in Paris, 2015 that aims to limit the rise in the global average temperature below 2 degrees; we have created a partnership to work alongside CO2-positiv to make the coworking space climate-positive by 2021.

Since 2017, we have been actively reviewing our supply chain – from our suppliers, as well as products and services to our customers. In 2019, we worked alongside our partners to develop a new coworking space to adopt greater sustainability into the overall design of the space – from climate curtains, low-VOC paint, carpet tiles, environmentally-designed furniture, smart lighting with motion sensors, zero emission energy, bamboo toilet paper that contributes to improving sanitation globally, organic fruit and coffee, plant-based milk, and so forth.

Today, we continue to work with our supply chain to improve reporting and to show that there is demand for greater sustainability in all areas.

Despite the fact that we at Impact Hub Stockholm invest heavily in sourcing socially and environmentally responsible products and services, certain emissions will continue to be unavoidable in the future. We compensate for these emissions by protecting biodiversity and supporting afforestation initiatives that restore and strengthen the planet’s resilience to climate change.