Working for Change

Working for change arbetar för kulturell mångfald i näringslivet. Vi är en stiftelse, en tankesmedja och Sveriges ledande konferens i ämnet. Det finns nämligen en självklar affärsnytta i mångfald. Vår uppgift är att hjälpa företag och organisationer att se och ta tillvara på den. Genom att göra det bidrar vi till ett välmående samhälle och vår vision: Ett integrerat Sverige som gynnar alla.

Working for Change works towards cultural diversity in the business world. We are a foundation, a think tank and Sweden’s leading conference on the subject of diversity in business. There are clear business benefits to diversity. Our mission is to help companies and organizations see this and take advantage of it. By doing so, we contribute to a prosperous society and work towards our vision: an integrated Sweden that benefits everyone.


Today diversity is a natural part of CSR — a strategy that strengthens the brand and improves corporate culture. Since its start in 2013, Working for Change has seen the benefits from several perspectives: how about an unexplored candidate pool of 140.000 graduates, an annual purchasing power of 350 billion not utilized fully, or why not a 10% increase in exports? These are just a few examples. As society changes, it creates new opportunities for companies. The benefits of working with cultural diversity have not always been as apparent as they are now.


We like simple and effective solutions. That’s why Working for Change primarily directs its work towards managers and executives, as they have the greatest impact in an organization. Our preference for straightforward solutions is also why the conference is a good first step for organizations working for diversity — in just one day, you get a clear and broad picture to consider. This is also why we use models such as the “Ladder to Change”™ in workshops and training courses – it simply makes it easy. Despite the barriers that exist when working with diversity, we now have hundreds of examples that show this work is easier than you think. We are therefore looking forward to meeting you as well.


Since its inception in 2013, Working for Change has received funding from individuals, companies and organizations. It has enabled us to organize Sweden’s leading conference on diversity in the business world year after year. As a result, Working for Change has also been able to maintain the high level of participation and speakers that we believe is necessary. Working with cultural diversity not only positively impacts a company’s individual operations; it benefits Sweden in the long term, as it is a country that will only grow through continued immigration after 2030. Working for Change is therefore not only grateful to our sponsors and partners; we think they are Sweden’s most important companies!


Whether you become a sponsor or a partner, your business will be exposed to anyone who comes in contact with Working for Change. There is also an opportunity to become partners, in which case your company or organization will be shown on all our platforms throughout the year, as we currently do with TNS Sifo, Swedish Postcode Lottery, Diversity Charter Sweden and Skanska, partnerships that we are very proud to showcase.