Synbiotic Kitchen

We know that the food we eat feed us. It also feeds our health and our diseases - and a great deal of that is because of the impact different foods have on our gut microbiome (the collection of microorganisms that we host inside our gut). With the Synbiotic Kitchen, we want to provide knowledge and tools to promote healthy (and happy) living. Through food education and technology, we are increasing the awareness about the relevance of the microbiome in health maintenance, as well enabling people to make more conscious food choices following the synbiotic nutrition principles. Synbiotic Nutrition is a new nutritional approach that aims to promote inclusion of probiotic- and prebiotic-rich foods into the diet for the optimization of the gut microbiome. Do you want to know more about it? Join our next workshop and learn about not only what is the difference between probiotics, prebiotics, and synbiotics, but also which ones are the best, and how to combine them to create delicious recipes.