Save Mondays

The world is more beautiful without plastic. The revolution has started! The plastic is finally on the way out. You no longer have to take a plastic bag to bring milk home from the store. Meet Save Mondays Cloth Bag. A cloth bag you take with you to the store, not just from there. Say goodbye to plastic bags forever. Meet the tote bag that is designed to be easily rolled up and carried with you so it's always there when you need it.⁠ This durable cotton bag sports a pocket on the front that allows the bag to be easily rolled up and snapped into a smooth roll. The pocket is made in orange canvas so you'll never lose sight of it and it can be used for receipts when the bag is folded out. With a Save Mondays cloth bag in your pocket, you never have to use plastic bags again when you shop!⁠ "Mondays are for us the symbol of everyday life and routine. From training to saving money, every lasting change comes from changing everyday life and routine. So also to save the world. In order to achieve our goal of a plastic-free society, we have chosen to develop smart solutions for everyday life, which makes it easy and good to be environmentally conscious." - Erik Karlberg, Founder of Save Mondays