Sandwatch Studio

We are a Design Studio dedicated to the conceptualization, design and development of new technological, industrial and consumer products. Our work covers the entire design and product creation process. We conceptualize the idea, shape it, prototype and introduce it to the market. In addition, we accompany companies to develop their creative potential through design and creation processes. Our values are our guide in our day to day and we have them very present in each of our projects. Requirement: we always look for the best result in each activity that we carry out, it is part of our way of being. Passion for design and innovation: we want to create the future. We know that there is a long way to go and we are clear that to achieve this we must think differently and break with the established paradigms. Social responsibility and awareness: in our time, social and environmental awareness is becoming increasingly important within society. For us, this is not a trend but a shared value and an indispensable requirement in our work.