Saidac Communication

Saidac Communication is an adviser on brand, values, company culture and employee partnership. Companies recognize that the brand is valuable. Despite this, many feel that the brand is abstract.  A brand can only become clear to users and the outside world, if it is only clear to their own organization . But the brand is dependent on the culture, values, leadership as well as employee leadership. People are looking for and attracted by companies that have a greater purpose in their business. Nowadays, when technology has become productive, companies need a philosophy - demanded by both employees and users. The philosophy will be less about selling hard and more about rewarding relationships with customers, users, partners and authorities. The brand is external, the customer and the user rate the rating. The corporate culture is created internally by management and employees over time. The values ​​can contribute negatively / positively to both the brand and the culture.   Stefan Saidac is an advisor and lecturer on brand, company culture, values ​​and communication. Workshops and second opinions can also be included in the assignments. Brand valuation, what the brand is worth, can be done in collaboration with Groth & Co and Grant Thorton.