Motivated Learning for Everyone

NGO "Motivated Learning for Everyone" is an association working in the field of education and training of European dimension.   Its main objectives are:

  • Building useful partnerships of international cooperation and transfer of experience and good practices;
  • Developing skills to work in an international team and foreign language communication skills;
  • Formation of European and democratic attitude to the European Union;
  • Encouraging and promoting the needs of adult learners for lifelong learning and professional self-improvement;
  • Working on intercultural issues;
  • Forming a sense of active European citizenship;
  • Reinforcing the role of lifelong learning in creating a sense of European citizenship based on understanding and respect for human rights and democracy, and encouraging tolerance and respect for other peoples and cultures;
  • Promoting European cooperation in quality assurance in all sectors of education and training;
  • Working and collaborating with all sectors of the community ( professionals, young people, adults, children, men, women, elderly), and especially those at risk of social marginalization;
  • Promoting social inclusion of young people, pensioners, the unemployed, minorities, the poor and people with disabilities;
  • Improving and developing literacy of adults in various aspects, such as: - Practical teaching skills, techniques and methodologies;
  • Content and presentation of the material in the field of education to literacy;
  • Management of institutions/organizations offering literacy courses to adults;
  • The aspects of education for adult literacy persons connected with the system and policies.
  NGO "Motivated Learning for Everyone" has a reach experience in Life Long Learning Programme, such as preparation of seven Comenius projects - multilateral and bilateral, for primary school; participation in study visits, in EU workshops and seminars. Association has organized and coordinated Comenius and Grundtvig In-Service Training courses in Madrid, Spain, under LLP Programme, and KA1 Erasmus+ Training Courses for School and Adult Education Staff in Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, Czech Republic, France, Ireland, Slovenia, Netherlands, Sweden. NGO "Motivated Learning for Everyone" has received a very positive evaluation as a feedback from all participants of different European countries: teachers from Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Turkey, Macedonia, Romania, Italy, Poland, Finland, Slovakia, Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, Estonia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Spain, Lithuania, Slovenia.