Our starting point is always the human meeting. We believe in the power of real collaboration between individuals, groups and organizations. Meetings based on dialogue, participation and reflection. Cooperation based on respect and trust in each other. In order for a workplace to live up to these values, employees must be given time to meet and be creative together, under good management. As facilitators (professional meeting leaders), we help you plan, facilitate and follow up on the meetings and processes that are important to you.   Do you want to lead the meeting or process yourself? Then we can assist you with ideas about lay-out and suggestions for method and technology choices. Maybe you should hold the next meeting outdoors and in motion? By hiring us, you get help arranging interesting and meaningful meetings in your organization. We ensure that you get a return on the time and energy you put into your meetings. Meetings that you today may experience as meaningless, frustrating or boring. We help those who have no meetings at all to understand the importance of them and we eliminate those meetings that are nothing but wasted time. We help you lead better meetings that produce results. Our experience is long and our methods and techniques are proven.   Since its inception in 1998, we have worked with organizations such as the Government Offices, the National Heritage Board, the County Administrative Board, the Kronoberg Region, Växjö Municipality, Karolinska Hospital, Bräcke Diakonigård, Ikea, Volvo, Skandia and others. The meeting lab is a member of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) and the Swedish facilitator network. Caroline Dunne has been a certified professional facilitator since 2012. What drives us is to unleash the potential that your employees possess and at the same time create job satisfaction.   https://moteslabbet.se/