Meet Swedish Startups

Why? The Swedish Startup scene is booming! Tens of thousands of entrepreneurs work on their startups day by day to find better, faster and smarter solutions. We believe that by sharing knowledge and experiences among each other, companies can grow faster and stronger together: many best practices can be adapted and replicated and many mistakes can be solved or avoided. We all have something to share and something valuable to learn from the others. How? We interview interesting and purposeful startups and share those interviews on our website and social media channels, creating a common knowledge pool, where everyone could tap into, add to it and take from it. By this, we enable startups to share their know-how's, best practices and tips and allow them to ask for support and ideas from the community. What? Meet Swedish Startups is a project aimed to facilitate knowledge sharing and learning among the startups, inspire young people to become entrepreneurs and raise awareness about the Swedish startup scene. It aims to bring the startups of Sweden closer to us and closer to each other.