[email protected] is inspired from a nearly 100 year-old concept in which you find lasting solutions to the problems of your unique lives yourselves; it’s a way to acquire the tools necessary to start making changes. Because what does an economically privileged family in a house have in common with a recently arrived immigrant family in a housing project? What does a forty-something couple with four teenagers in Nice have in common with a gay couple in New York City? A lot more than what may appear to be the case on the surface; to be sure, we have a tendency to focus on differences rather than on what unifies us. We may not have the same dreams—but we all have dreams. We have varying privileges in terms of resources—but we have all probably experienced an actual lack of time, money and energy. We may all have different views of climate change and pollution, but we and future generations are equally dependent on our environment. We have needs—fundamental and developmental needs; we have problems, we have things we want to change. https://lean-at-home.com