IntegraNet is a non-profit organization, started in 2016, which deals with media activities and aims to introduce Swedish culture, customs, laws and traditions to new arrivals and asylum seekers in a media-based way, and also to accelerate the Swedish language.   IntegraNet focuses on a number of issues, of which:

  1. Assist with support for the integration of the new arrivals in Swedish society.
  2. Follow up and report on the latest news in immigration, asylum, law and health.
  3. Give tips and advice that help the new arrivals with the integration and get into the labor market and get in faster in the Swedish language.
  4. Present previously successful people and their experiences that can guide ambitious new arrivals to build a new and stable future in Sweden.
  5. Introduce our partners of non-profit and social Swedish organizations, as well as its activities that support and help the new arrivals to create new relationships and friendships in Swedish society.