Ib Ringby

Founder and owner of Ib Ringby AB who trains sales engineers and technicians in Swedish industry. Ib Ringby has been conducting education in sales for 11 years. Industrial Technical Sales has been Ib's special area for 7 years. Ib Ringby has worked with sales for over 20 years and has been employed at Electrolux with direct sales of vacuum cleaners for three and a half years. Ib speaks fluent Spanish, English, Danish and Portuguese. Ib is educated and certified in the following schools and licenses: IIU; Institute of International Education at Stockholm University International Marketing with internship in New York, USA. SSHL; Sigtuna School Humanist Education, 3 year economic line IPU; Institute for Personal Development, DISC behavior and driving forces ENSIZE, Behavior and driving forces Discus, behavior SPQ, Sales contact barriers Industrial technical sales are a method that is adapted to the complex sales situation that is faced when selling technically complex products. http://www.ibringby.se/