East Invest

History Founded in 2015, East Invest LTD is at a cross-roads between the rest of the world and China. Its fairly transparent political system and location, makes it a gateway for companies from all over the world in entering the mainland Chinese markets. Hong Kong is considered to be one of the freest economies in the world, as seen by its offshore status and laissez-faire capitalism, with a highly developed financial sector catering clients from different continents. It enjoys a rich cultural and historical heritage as a trade nation, a position that it still holds to this day.   Research We are a leader in unique research that goes beyond the traditional and conventional ways of analyzing equity markets. We believe in a top-down approach to capital markets, placing an emphasis on monitoring institutional positioning in different asset classes, as an aid in client analysis of different trade ideas, and sequential trade - execution. Macroeconomic and fundamental analysis are intertwined with institutional order flow, providing an overall picture of both institutional order flow and the changing economic landscape in unison, represented by macroeconomic and fundamental factors.   Communication We place client-satisfaction as our top priority. Markets tend to change rapidly and capriciously, making swift and efficient communication an essential tool for reflection and decision-making processes in highly volatile environments. Therefore, a chat option is available, for prospective and subscribing clients in order to communicate directly with our market analysts. Providing an edge in analyzing developing market events, analyzing and receiving opinions on hedging and personal trade structure. Email is recommended for questions that require more in-depth investigation into the subject matter, and typical response times are between 24-48 hours - depending on the scope of the question. https://www.eastinvest.org