Advance Sweden

Advance was founded in 2011 by Anna Maria Lindell. Anna Maria has many years of experience from the skills development industry in roles as educators, career advisers and business developers. During 2009-2010, she trained at the world-leading ADD Coach Academy, New York, as a professional coach with specialist training in ADHD coaching tools and strategies for increased productivity and quality of life. A DD Coach Academy is the only academy in the world that is certified by the international organization International Coach Federation (ICF). Advance's mission is to offer these proven, research-based tools and strategies to a larger group - creative individuals who want to improve their ability to focus, get things done and manage with their energy. We collaborate with the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship , and offer lectures in Time Management for creative entrepreneurs. For more information, visit We also collaborate with an experienced and knowledgeable physician in neuropsychiatry in Stockholm. For people who have been diagnosed and medicated, it has been found that the most effective treatment is a combination of medication and ADHD coaching. It is this combination that we offer together. As part of the Advance mission to offer proven tools from ADHD research to a new target audience, Anna Maria is co-author of two bestsellers - 365 + 1 ways to succeed with ADHD - A Full Year of Valuable Tips and Strategies From the World's Best Coaches and Experts and the sequel More ways to succeed with adhd - even more strategies for 2013 from the world's best adhd coaches and experts to help you succeed with adhd. Professional Advisory Board Among other things, Advance brings together the 15-year American experience and expertise in professional coaching and training for entrepreneurs and other creative talents in a Professional Advisory Board.