Accountability International

Accountability International’s vision is a world where there is accountability for the lives, human rights and wellbeing of all persons, across all spheres of society. Accountability International is an African-led civil society organisation that works to improve accountability to the most marginalised. From our head office in South Africa, we conduct research and advocacy that allows us to do our work as a watchdog and hold various leaders accountable. We conceptualise and implement innovatively designed projects that are led by our collaboration with marginalised communities. We put huge emphasis on needs-based research and community-led advocacy. We have developed more than a dozen scorecards since we began in 2005, all as a means to contribute to the demand for accountability from all leaders, whether at global, regional, national or community level. We provide technical advice in many spaces, and yet remain committed to ensuring that our spaces, communications and products are all highly accessible to all people. We play a watchdog role and work to enhance the capacity of other civil society actors to also take up their role as watchdogs, for sustainable, resilient and inclusive human rights for all. We use the Participatory Action Research (PAR) model, a best practice in which communities co- develop and lead the methodology, development of research tools, conduct the research and produce the final analysis & context-specific and advocacy-focused reports. Partnerships are a fundamental element in our work. Over the years, we have developed excellent partnerships with hundreds of organisations, from major implementing partners to community-based organisations with national or local bases.