Portabla Media

Portabla Media is a strategic web agency in Stockholm. We work to achieve your goals with websites, apps and social media. The core business of Portabla Media is digital strategy, the work that looks to the entire chain in "being on the Internet". Sometimes this is called web strategy or web management - the main thing is that it is a structured way of approaching the situation you are aiming for. As a business plan, specifically for your digital channels. What does Portabla Media do? The basic of the digital strategy is to base on what reality looks like, to base plans and efforts on facts. We find out what your target groups really look like and what they really want to do. When we know this, we will investigate how you can combine business goals and business goals with the target groups' goals. Then the work becomes more concrete: How should we achieve the goals in the best way? Should social media be part of the strategy? Can a newsletter help? The most important thing for us is to achieve goals. And that what we do is meaningful, that it really contributes to better business and better business. Who is Portable Media? We have experience from business, public sector and associations and have worked with organizational consultants, book publishers, government agencies, unions, museums, architects, building antiques, industry organizations, student associations, transport companies, conference facilities, development companies and more. Portabla Media was founded in 1992 and today works with assignments in Sweden and the USA. The company is run by Magnus Nilsson, experienced digital strategist and project manager, who puts together the best suited working group depending on how your project looks. And we have an environmental policy. https://www.portablamedia.se