Impact Hub Stockholm is expanding to Sundbyberg

By bringing together entrepreneurs, changemakers and passionate individuals with a drive for positive change, Impact Hub Stockholm has played a pivotal role in building the profile of social entrepreneurship in Sweden. Now we are pushing to continue the ecosystem development for social innovation beyond inner-city Stockholm. Together with our partners, we are taking this much-needed step to create a meeting and collaboration place for the fourth sector – where we tie together the best from the public, private and non-profit sectors.  
Our vision is to create a better world for the generations that follow, and a future that works for all. This expansion in Sundbyberg is an opportunity for all of us in different sectors to work together in order to strengthen the development of women and youth, and those who exist at the boundaries of Stockholm. We are calling on you to join us on this mission so we can see this positive development succeed.
To unlock the innovative ideas that we so urgently need, we need to start tearing down the barriers that are built up between these sectors. This is a space that we want to create together. We come with 10 years of knowledge and our core values of trust, courage, and collaboration but we need to build this together. We cannot do this alone,” says Jesper Kjellerås, Founder and CEO of Impact Hub Stockholm. “It takes collaboration with a focus on partnership for the goals. We see the need for a space to do more than just isolated projects. We need to connect the different sectors together to create that natural flow.
Whether you are an entrepreneur who wants to join an exciting new coworking space, a sustainability manager who wants to reach innovative companies to build on initiatives or an investor who wants to drive societal developments; if you feel compelled to take action, do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach our team here.
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