Care of Business

Care of Business is a platform for entrepreneurs who have arrived into Sweden from outside of the EU. Among refugees and foreign-born people, there are many business owners and entrepreneurs looking for ways to quickly start doing business again.


Our platform runs as a programme over a period of ten months and offers three parts. You may be thinking of re-starting a business in Sweden, doing something completely new or need help to take your start-up to the next stage of growth. Care of Business is the place for individual people with business ideas, as well as teams of entrepreneurs to grow.

We are starting two programs in September: One for entrepreneurs based in Skåne and Blekinge (starting mid-September), and one program for entrepreneurs in Västmanland, Östergötland and Stockholm  (starting end of September).

If you are willing to work hard, the network of Impact Invest’s investors will welcome your pitches for funding at the end of the programme.

What you will gain:

  • Understanding of the business culture, extended personal network and increase in sales.
  • A sustainable business model and a financial plan for your company.
  • Connections to investors and support in the investment process.
  • Be part of an inspiring business community.

To apply we require that you:

  • Arrived to Sweden in the past five years and have temporary or permanent permit. (If you are still waiting for your permit you may apply and participate in Part I of the program)
  • Our main target group is people who have come to Sweden for humanitarian reasons. You are part of Arbetsförmedlingens “etableringsprogram”.
  • We may also accept some non-EU entrepreneurs coming to Sweden for other reasons.
  • You have experience from running an organisation as a founder/owner and have a clear idea about what your new business can become.
  • Are fluent in English.
  • No requirement to have a registered enterprise prior to the program
  • You should be prepared to dedicate 50% of your time or more.
  • The first four weeks you need to be able to travel to Lund or Stockholm and four following workshops during the ten months.





What previous entrepreneurs say:

“The information and the tools we have received in Care of Business have really helped us a lot. First, it helped us to be more confident and more focused on what are we doing. For example, when we meet a customer we are now more aware of what to do and how to progress in sales, which have really made a huge difference. November and December last year we were therefore able to sell more than any time before in our journey.

The second thing I really want to stress is the great amount of knowledge we have received when it comes to writing a business plan or applying for funds. We have had a really hard time in the past deciding which fund should we apply to or which organization can we ask for money or even writing up a long term business plan. Now we have managed to apply for several grants and define a proper business plan all in less than 6 months. I really believe that we are much stronger now and more aware of how the Swedish market works and the different opportunities out there.”  Kotada Yunus, founder of Öresundspuls

“Participating in Care of Business has given me all the confidence I needed to approach and win customers. I come from a small village in Ethiopia and I had not met many foreigners before and had never met a Swedish person. I learnt how to set up a business and have now registered a company since I am getting more customer and think I can do this full time from next year.” Sofiya Hussein, founder of Sohamo Fashion and serial entrepreneur