Business Lab: Idea Validation

2 Sessions • Impact Hub Stockholm
Do you have a business idea? How do you know who your customers are? How do you determine what their real needs are? What are the user cases of your idea? How do you shape your value proposition? What is the minimum viable product you can develop? How do you test and measure if it is a desirable, viable and feasible solution? What is your business model and is it competitive? 
Business Lab: Idea Validation is two intense and interactive sessions. Do you have great ideas and are anxious to learn how to recognise if your ideas are also good business ideas? If you are a first-time entrepreneur or innovator, you probably feel uncertain about how to develop and validate your ideas. We will teach you how to test your idea against desirability, viability and feasibility criteria; the methods and tools to use, and the right sequence to maximise your impact. You will strengthen your practical skills through assignments and by applying the tools learned to refine your idea.

After this series of workshops, you will be able to create your own action plan and be able to recognise if a business incubator would be beneficial to develop your idea further. You are not alone in your exciting journey – meet fellow innovators and build your support network!


Session dates

May 14 / 21 Business Lab: Idea Validation
June 7 / 12 Business Lab: Idea Validation
June 25 / 28  Business Lab: Idea Validation


Session 1

17:30 Registration & coffee
17:45 Getting to know your customer and their problem
     – Customer segmentation
     – Your customer’s profile
     – Customer path, problems and how they deal with them
     – Your value proposition
     – User cases
20:30 Dinner & mingle


Session 2

17:30 Welcome & coffee
17:45 Testing and developing your idea
     – Minimal testable functions for a solution
     – MVP prototyping techniques
     – Testing and measuring your MVP with users
     – Business model development and testing process
     – Market research techniques
20:30 Dinner & mingle


About the Coach

Neda Nordin is the Founder and CEO of NORD INNO. With a M.Sc. in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship from KTH, and two additional Master degrees under her belt, she has served as an innovation professional at global corporations and managed sustainability programs at the United Nations and EuropeAid worldwide. She specialises in bridging exponential technologies, business model innovation and sustainability to find customer-centric offerings for large and medium companies. Neda Nordin also mentors startups in Stockholm, Oslo and Vilnius.


Need Support? Apply to SSES Validator

Pursuing an idea can be difficult. There are many hurdles along the way. SSES Validator gives you the chance to test your idea and business model to minimize your own risk by covering the costs of the validating process.
With support from Vinnova, a total of 75 grants of up to 50,000 SEK each are going to be provided by SSES on a rolling basis. Find out how you can apply for funding from the SSES Validator support program here.
Business Lab: Idea Validation is brought to you by Impact Hub Stockholm and NORD INNO. It is intentionally designed to teach you how you can test your idea effectively and structurally, so you can be sure that you’ve validated your idea before investing time and resources into development.
Tickets cost 6 400 SEK.