Entrepreneurs with a great mission: Powered by Impact Hub Stockholm

Impact Hub Stockholm has chosen a selected number of Social Entrepreneurs who we believe have an important impact in society and have shown that they have the capacity to expand their reach and impact. We are very proud to be able to give this support and are honored to be working closely with these organisations. Many of them had possibly not been where they are today without access to the resources, network and inspiration at Impact Hub Stockholm.


Selected entrepreneurs and change makers are Powered By Impact Hub Stockholm for a period of 12 months. Supported program applicants are re-evaluated after this period with consideration to ongoing requirements necessary to ensure the longevity of impact and maximisation of impact. As a supporter, you will be given the option to continue providing support for the entrepreneur for an extended period.


Each Powered By Impact Hub entrepreneur is supported for 12 months* and receives:

  • Local Community Support
  • Unlimited Coworking (all inclusive)
  • Access to Impact Hub's Global Network of Social Entrepreneurs
  • Competition opportunities and support
With your help, these changemakers can also access additional funding support in order to:
  • Cover immediate business costs
  • Participate in industry conferences and education
  • Arrange an event to promote their work and impact at Impact Hub Stockholm
 *or until their company breaks even and no longer requires support

Currently supported entrepreneurs

We can not send a therapist to every child, but we can pack love, hope and therapy in wonderful stories and send them to every child.

Imad Elabdala came to Sweden as a refugee from Syria. His first book transforms the difficult stories of war into an epic adventure, to provide children with positive and healing mental images, and to balance the traumatic memories that they have kept from their experiences. 


"Impact Hub is a unique place, it's the only place that holds a great balance between warmth and being a professional environment. Getting in the program 'Powered by Impact Hub' gives me the opportunity to connect with many great change leaders. Being around such people does not only make your project grow, but makes you grow from the inside as a person."

Imad Elabdala, Founder of Kidnovation



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Traditional aid is based on the concept that if someone is ill, we will send a doctor. If we send a doctor to work for a few months, that person will be able to treat a few hundred people. However, if we educate a local doctor he or she can treat thousands during a professional life. Through crowdfounding, Help to Help enables scolarships to university students in East Africa. Students who otherwise would not get the opportunity.

"Impact Hub was great for Help to Help. The friendly atmosphere and the interaction with other members was the best. We learnt a lot from sharing with other organisations and got inspiration on a daily basis."

Malin Cronqvist, Founder & Chairman of Help to Help



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