Visit and work from Impact Hubs around the world

Signing up for an Impact Hub Coworking Package at any of our 100+ locations around the world makes you eligible for a Global Passport. Just like a VISA, your application should be sent to the Hub at your planned destination.

A Global Passport provides access to any Impact Hub around the world for 3 days free of charge. Below you will find a Global Passport form which you can use to apply for up to a 3-day pass at the Impact Hub you plan to visit.

Upon filling out the Global Passport form below, you will be contacted by a local host. The local host will contact us to confirm your membership before contacting you to confirm your visit. They will be able to provide you with any information required for your visit.

A Global Passport is available to any coworking member in our global network.

Please contact us for any questions you might have.


What is Passport?

 Passport is a program which allows Impact Hub members to travel to every Impact Hub within our global network and use the coworking space.

Do all Impact Hubs offer Passport?

 Yes. Passport is a mandatory offering for all Impact Hubs in the network.

How many days can a member use in another Impact Hub?

 Members WITH a coworking membership have the ability to use their membership three (3) days a year in each Impact Hub. That means a member can go to Impact Hub A for 3 days, Impact Hub B for 3 days, Impact Hub C for 3 days, and so on.

If you would like to visit us and are not a member, please contact the team at to arrange a visit. Day passes are available at 300 SEK for non-members.