Common problems require collaborative solutions.

Creating the change we want to see in the world is a collaborative effort.
Our partners are working to make a real change with a shared vision
for achieving a better world together.
Around the world, Impact Hub partners with a variety of like-minded organisations to mutually support each other to build sustainable solutions for the world. Thanks to our physical presence and locally-embedded collaborative communities, our partners access a unique source of social innovation, a global enabling platform to run issue-focused programs, and an inspiring environment to learn and increase their social impact. We challenge you to use the power of your business to drive meaningful social change. We welcome new alliances with businesses, individuals and organisations looking to increase their contribution to the social impact economy. Contact us today.  

Global Partners

sq siemens
sq agridius
eu commission
sq bmw
sq wwf2
robert bosch
a hundred years
boston consulting group
multilateral investment fund

Silver Partners

sq skandia
impact invest
sq reuters
Founder Institute

Network Partners

Startup Grind Stockholm logo
SSES ventures
sq the glue
not for sale ale 2017
fear and fail
stockholm startup weekend