Sustained and inclusive economic growth is necessary for achieving sustainable development. The global annual growth rate of real GDP per capita increased by 1.3 per cent in 2014, a significant slowdown compared to 2010 (2.8 per cent growth) and 2000 (3.0 per cent growth). Developing regions grew far faster than developed regions, with average annual growth rates in 2014 of 3.1 per cent and 1.4 per cent, respectively.

Inclusive and sustainable economic growth can drive progress and generate the means to implement the Sustainable Development Goals. Globally, labour productivity has increased and unemployment is back to pre-financial crisis levels. However, the global economy is growing at a slower rate. More progress is needed to increase employment opportunities, particularly for young people, reduce informal employment and the gender pay gap and promote safe and secure working environments to create decent work for all.

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På Ponture kan du hitta och jämföra finansieringsalternativ för ditt företag – oavsett storlek. Snabbt, enkelt och helt kostnadsfritt. Ansök om företagslån, hantera fakturaköp och välj bland andra finansiella tjänster här.

Business Sweden

Sweden is a powerhouse of innovation, sustainability, co-creation and equality. This makes it a formidable platform for companies to both expand upon and use as a brand that meets the demands in an increasingly purpose-driven world. With a unique governmental and private sector mandate, we are specialists in both helping international companies to access this […]

Changers Hub

Changers Hub är ett innovationshus som sedan starten 2015 vuxit från 20 till 500 kvadratmeter. Idag kan du hänga hos oss i Alby, Botkyrka och Stureplan där vi erbjuder Coworking space, kurser, inspirationsföreläsningar, idécoachning och events.

Beetroot Academy

Beetroot Academy is a Swedish non-profit IT school that strives to make a substantial impact on Ukraine’s society through top-notch IT education. Founded in 2014 in Poltava, today Beetroot Academy operates in sixteen large and mid-size cities and has more than 1800 graduates. We help people build a great career in IT just within four […]


Globalities AB is an innovation holding company with interests in several early-stage startups. Globalities AB has created or co-created several innovative solutions and is helping teams in making these successful: – Happening Sprial Ekonomisk förening runs music platform Lyssna På Oss Nu! – Events N’ Spaces Ekonomisk förening runs Japyo! social media app – Lykvyd […]


VETERANPOOLEN – ERFAREN HJÄLP MED HEMSTÄD, TRÄDGÅRD OCH HANTVERK Veteranpoolen hjälper dig med hem, hantverk, trädgård och omsorg! Våra kunder är i alla åldrar. Men våra veteraner är trygga, erfarna och flexibla pensionärer som hjälper till löpande eller när du ringer efter oss. Vi har alla tjänster som gör din tillvaro lite enklare. Exempelvis hemstäd, hantverk, […]


RealStars works for a better world free of trafficking. We work on a broad front to create debate and channel public opinion against sex trafficking. Our message is Fair Sex. This means that we think that sex should happen on equal terms, without coercion or violence, in all situations and for all people around the […]


Economic and social inequality makes dreaming difficult. In many areas of Stockholm as many as 40% of students leave 9th grade without grades to get to gymnasium / high school. At the same time many high tech companies like Ericsson and IBM lacked skilled staff. Unfortunately students are not motivated to go out and get […]


We show entrepreneurs how accelerate to the next level. We help corporate leaders implement the startup mindset to grow fast again. And by bringing entrepreneurs and executives together, we supercharge innovation for both. Desifer works with innovation in two ways: innovation advisory teams for established firms and a pre-seed accelerator for startups. We team up […]


Thinkful provides the best return on education. Too often Americans’ careers are dictated by where we’re born not ambition and grit. Thinkful is creating wealth beyond where it’s already concentrated and for those whose talent is too often overlooked, across the US. We don’t offer “degrees”. We get you a job. In the rare case […]