Peace, justice and effective, accountable and inclusive institutions are at the core of sustainable development. Several regions have enjoyed increased and sustained levels of peace and security in recent decades. But many countries still face protracted armed conflict and violence, and far too many people struggle as a result of weak institutions and the lack of access to justice, information and other fundamental freedoms.

Advances in ending violence, promoting the rule of law, strengthening institutions and increasing access to justice are uneven and continue to deprive millions of their security, rights and opportunities and undermine the delivery of public services and broader economic development. Attacks on civil society are also holding back development progress. Renewed efforts are essential to move towards the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 16.

Member companies & Organizations

Safer Sweden Foundation

The Safer Sweden Foundation is a non-partisan NGO (non-governmental organization) that is run without an underlying profit interest. The purpose is to improve assistance to crime victims and to promote development in the area of ​​crime prevention. The work is focused on finding new ideas, new forms of collaboration and new solutions. The business is conducted […]

Swedish Institute

The Swedish Institute is a public agency that promotes interest and trust in Sweden around the world. We work in the fields of culture, education, science and business to strengthen international relations and development. We also engage in extensive cooperation with developing countries. The focus is on enhancing the skills of individuals who have the […]


RealStars works for a better world free of trafficking. We work on a broad front to create debate and channel public opinion against sex trafficking. Our message is Fair Sex. This means that we think that sex should happen on equal terms, without coercion or violence, in all situations and for all people around the […]


The Salvation Army in Sweden is found in about 90 cities / municipalities with 196 operations. It is a parish service with worship services and group activities for all ages. The union / congregation also runs various forms of open social work in 49 of these activities. The union’s social work is aimed at different […]

Institute of Innovative Governance

The Institute of Innovative Governance is an independent, non-partisan non-governmental organization which aims to promote innovation through the interaction with various governmental and civil society actors and conduct high-quality policy research. Human rights-based approach and innovation are our guiding values and principles in the process of research and the implementation of projects. We truly believe […]

The Young Republic

The Young Republic is an award-winning youth organization, working to empower young refugees to foster their democratic participation, civic engagement and social inclusion in their new communities in Europe. The Young Republic is registered in Sweden as a non- governmental organization since January 2015 and carried its activities in Sweden and 7 other European countries, […]

Accountability International

Accountability International’s vision is a world where there is accountability for the lives, human rights and wellbeing of all persons, across all spheres of society. Accountability International is an African-led civil society organisation that works to improve accountability to the most marginalised. From our head office in South Africa, we conduct research and advocacy that […]

Human Rights and Science

Our mission is to offer a platform for Equal partnership collaboration between non-OECD and OECD country stakeholders, which ensures mutual trust, mutual benefit and sustainable economy. Our main activity is to be an appreciated partner with social entrepreneurs and developers in non-OECD countries with the purpose of facilitating the implementation of the partner’s ideas. We […]


Kidnovation creates fun tools that give kids the building blocks to better wellbeing.  Did you know that 1 in 8 kids experience mental health conditions such as anxiety, stress or depression, that will affect their wellbeing and future prospects? In Sweden, poor mental health costs society 5% of the country’s GDP. And it starts early. […]


Det är lätt att känna att världen är på väg åt fel håll. Dagliga rapporter om orättvisor, terrorism, flyktingar, psykisk ohälsa, problem i välfärden och klimathot gör att många idag upplever oro eller har tappat hoppet om framtiden. Samtidigt lever de flesta av oss i ett fritt, rikt och demokratiskt samhälle med fler möjligheter än […]