Economic growth and development require the production of goods and services that improve the quality of life. Sustainable growth and development require minimizing the natural resources and toxic materials used, and the waste and pollutants generated, throughout the entire production and consumption process.

Worldwide material consumption has expanded rapidly, as has material footprint per capita, seriously jeopardizing the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 12 and the Goals more broadly. Urgent action is needed to ensure that current material needs do not lead to the overextraction of resources or to the degradation of environmental resources, and should include policies that improve resource efficiency, reduce waste and mainstream sustainability practices across all sectors of the economy.

Member companies & Organizations

Share Kayak

With our easy rental program, you can rent ‘off the beach’ from minutes to all-day. Lock and unlock your kayak with just a single click. Our kayak fleet consists of standard and deluxe kayaks, and stand-up paddle boards. We pride ourselves on offering only the highest quality crafts we can source.    


TheiShare AB produces digital locks for all types of segments. With our locks, any physical asset can be shared with others, all easy via the Frekis app. Rental businesses can be created with in few clicks. Our service includes leasing and selling capabilities once you obtain one of our locks. Any retailer or physical asset […]


Frekis is on a mission to increase reuse of resources by simplifying micro mobility and reduce need of ownerships. We believe our contribution is important to make a positive change to our environment, whilst creating businesses and having fun. We also want to empower communities with new sharing opportunities, where new businesses, new operators and […]


Since its founding, SAVO has pioneered the way modern office chairs look and work in Scandinavia. We continue to challenge and influence the standard for tomorrow’s chairs. Our progressive, intuitive designs stimulate new modes of thinking, working and meeting. We offer the market’s most innovative chairs. They are ergonomic without being complex, which is a rarity […]


Through sustainable and Scandinavian design, we create smart furniture for the workplace of the future. At EFG, we’re proud of what we do. Because we know that a good physical working environment is important both for employee well-being and for creating long-term results. Our focus is sustainable products inspired by Scandinavian design. Products that have […]

MTR Nordic

MTR Nordic Group är en del av MTR Corporation som är ett av de ledande tågbolagen i världen. Vi har gedigen kunskap om spårbunden trafik som innefattar allt från design och konstruktion till drift och fordonsunderhåll. Vi vill vara en ledande aktör som bidrar till att skapa framtidens smarta, attraktiva och hållbara transportlösningar.

Johannas Stadsodlingar

Fisk och grönsaker odlade nära dig Vi på Johannas Stadsodlingar odlar och säljer lokalt odlad fisk, grönsaker och örter. Vi jobbar med ett cirkulärt odlingssystem som kallas för akvaponi. Det gör att vi kan producera det som skall bli din mat, året om, oavsett om det är 30 grader varmt och torka eller 30 grader […]

Plastic Bank

Plastic Bank is an economic development firm that empowers disenfranchised communities to exchange any type of plastic for currency. Plastic Bank builds and activates recycling infrastructure in the world’s poorest regions. Residents are invited to earn a stable income stream by exchanging plastic material. Ocean-bound plastic is collected and returned for cash, digital currency, healthcare […]

Save Mondays

The world is more beautiful without plastic. The revolution has started! The plastic is finally on the way out. You no longer have to take a plastic bag to bring milk home from the store. Meet Save Mondays Cloth Bag. A cloth bag you take with you to the store, not just from there. Say […]


Biovision was founded in 1998 by Swiss World Food Prize recipient Dr. Hans Rudolf Herren, with the aim of sustainably improving life for people in Africa while conserving the environment as the basis for all life. In the 1980s, the world renowned entomologist Hans Rudolf Herren saved millions of people in Africa from starving to […]