More than half the world’s population lives in cities. By 2030, it is projected that 6 out of 10 people will be urban dwellers. Despite numerous planning challenges, well-managed cities and other human settlements can be incubators for innovation and ingenuity and key drivers of sustainable development.

Substantial progress has been made in reducing the proportion of the global urban population living in slums, though more than 1 billion people continue to live in such situations. Urgent action is needed to reverse the current situation, which sees the vast majority of urban residents breathing poor-quality air and having limited access to transport and open public spaces. With the areas occupied by cities growing faster than their populations, there are profound repercussions for sustainability.

Member companies & Organizations

Global Utmaning

Global Utmaning is an independent think tank that works for sustainable development socially, economically and climatically. We create platforms for collaboration between research, business, civil society, administration and politics, where the exchange of experience and knowledge is the basis for policy proposals that accelerate the transformation towards sustainable societies. The think tank is a node […]

White Arkitekter

White Arkitekter is an interdisciplinary practice. Since we were founded by Sidney White in 1951 we have grown to be a collective of nearly 800. Our mission is to enable sustainable life through the art of architecture. Our vision for 2030 is that all our architecture will be carbon neutral through design excellence. Responsibility, curiosity, […]


Urban Beings specialises in urban design and strategic urban planning. We are inspired by the people who live, work, play and move around the city, so our work is very people oriented to make sure that our city is both beautiful and work well for those we are designing for.


VETERANPOOLEN – ERFAREN HJÄLP MED HEMSTÄD, TRÄDGÅRD OCH HANTVERK Veteranpoolen hjälper dig med hem, hantverk, trädgård och omsorg! Våra kunder är i alla åldrar. Men våra veteraner är trygga, erfarna och flexibla pensionärer som hjälper till löpande eller när du ringer efter oss. Vi har alla tjänster som gör din tillvaro lite enklare. Exempelvis hemstäd, hantverk, […]

Johannas Stadsodlingar

Fisk och grönsaker odlade nära dig Vi på Johannas Stadsodlingar odlar och säljer lokalt odlad fisk, grönsaker och örter. Vi jobbar med ett cirkulärt odlingssystem som kallas för akvaponi. Det gör att vi kan producera det som skall bli din mat, året om, oavsett om det är 30 grader varmt och torka eller 30 grader […]

ACCESS Health Sweden

Aging well is a global priority. Sweden, like many other countries, confronts significant challenges due to population aging. Estimates suggest that nearly a quarter of the population of Sweden will be sixty-five years or older by 2050. Longer life expectancies and steady retirement ages are boosting the support ratio, creating a need for new ways […]


People, companies, NGOs, and governments across the world share their imagery. Using computer vision, Mapillary combines everything into a connected street-level view and automatically extracts map features. Mapillary helps create better maps for smarter cities, geospatial services, and automotive.


Handiscover gathers great hosts, disabled friendly accommodations and hotels that we select carefully for their quality and value. We offer a mix of accommodations adapted to different levels of mobility. Enjoy great disabled holidays!


We offer free and easy to use apps and digital tools to efficiently learn Swedish language. Språkkraft is a Swedish NGO that focuses at increasing the integration rate of immigrants, refugees and newly arrived people to Sweden through Swedish language learning. Through our three easy and fun to use apps and web app, we apply […] is a free service that simplifies collaborative orders. By merging small orders into one, larger order, we can reduce the cost of logistics together. But we also allow users to take one step closer to saving our threatened planet. If everyone in Sweden pooled their shopping with 9 friends just once – we could […]